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Washington Post, The Biz Kids
SOME KIDS KNOW WHAT THEY want to be when they grow up before they grow up. A few kids know that what they want is to run a company, and they already do. Marketing their own ideas, starting their own businesses — and making money — they are CEOs still in their teens.
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Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneurs Get The Jump On Starting A Business By Margaret Carroll Published: August 14, 1985
Artistically talented from an early age, Grace Jeffers of Lake Forest is a 17-year-old fashion designer now at a perplexing point. How can she allow her business to grow without compromising quality?
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New York Times, Amazing Grace By Julie V. Iovine Published: October 3, 1999
Benjamin Braddock in ”The Graduate” didn’t take heed when the man confided ”plastics!,” but Grace Jeffers would have known better. In the past two years, her name has been linked with plastics — particularly, high-pressure laminates — in the pages of Metropolitan Home, the cliquish Wallpaper, The New York Times and many other publications.
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