National Day of Learning October 3rd 2018

Wilsonart announces a renewed commitment to help educate architects and designers (A&D) about using responsibly sourced wood materials. To further support the A&D community, Wilsonart is conducting a second National Day of Learning event, launching a cross country education tour, adding new content to its educational hub, and renewing its grant to Interlochen Arts Academy – reaching tomorrow’s designers, today.

Please join us Oct. 3 for a live-streamed CEU: Global Forestry 101 with Grace Jeffers, thought-leader, design historian and materials expert, who will tackle the lack of understanding within the industry about which woods and forests are endangered or threatened, and educate about which woods should not be sourced.

Wilsonart invites architects and designers across the U.S. to join us via livestream on the topic of Global Forestry and what architects and designers need to know to protect their practices. The CEU will take place on October 3rd, 2018 from The Center for Architecture in NYC . The Global Forestry CEU, which is accredited by AIA and IDCEC, will be streamed live and presented by Grace Jeffers, an American writer, historian and educator, who is known for an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to the study of materials.

Here is the link to the registration page.

2 thoughts on “National Day of Learning October 3rd 2018

  1. Malvine Giesbrecht

    HI Grace,

    Thank you from Winnipeg for the informative presentation on the wood industry. We should all be required to hear your presentation and be educated on this topic. I have walked in old growth forest in Northern Vancouver Island and the effect on our group was amazing. Your summary of the forest being alive was very accurate. I am a LEED AP and don’t specify endangered trees. Your talk made this point even more important to me.


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